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Facultatea de Filosofie

Posted by zgriptzu on May 22, 2010

Domnul Horia Patrascu – Lector universitar al Facultatii de Filosofie din cadrul Universitatii Spiru Haret, fost profesor de logica si argumentare si filosofie la CNB “George Cosbuc” a trimis link-ul catre doamna director a CNBGC, cu rugamintea de a fi promovat pe site-uri frecventate de elevii liceului nostru. In consecinta, dear students of the highschool, take an interest by clicking the link 🙂


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Dor de Paris

Posted by zgriptzu on April 23, 2010

Mi s-a facut un dor cumplit de Paris. Mi s-a facut dor sa-mi amintesc de Paris si sa vad Parisul. Ziua si noaptea, oricand. Am sute de poze din Paris si mult mult mult mai multe amintiri de la Paris. M-am indragostit de lumini. Orasul Luminilor. Tour Eiffel, Tour Montparnasse, Montmartre, Cartierul Latin, Au Lapin Agile, Musee D’Orsay, Le Louvre, Moulin Rouge, Place Pigalle, Place de Clichy, Barbes-Rochechouart, Champs Elysees, Place de la Madeleine, Sacre Coeur, Jardin Du Luxembourg, La Seine, Batobus, Saint Germain de Pres, Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Les Galeries Lafayette, Tabac de la Sorbonne, Academie Nationale de Musique, Les Halles, Versailles, Irish Pub in Cartierul Latin, Boulangerie, Ecole de Medecine, Place de la Concorde, Saint Lazare, Charles de Gaulle Aeroport, Rue Mansart si internet cafe-ul de pe Rue Fontaine parca, Rue Blanche, fosta locuinta a lui Serge Lama, expozitia de arta africana, sud americana, d-astea, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”, “Bon jour”, fresh de portocale si croissant la micul dejun, poze multe si luminile Turnului Eiffel seara, Quick si mezelurile delicioase de la market-ul din colt de la Place Pigalle. Tristete si depresie care voiau sa ascunda o fericire incomensurabila, plansete pe ascuns in timp ce-mi uscam parul cu foehnul genial din baia hotelului Royal Mansart… si frantuzoaica ce strangea mesele dimineata, o frantuzoaica tipica, cu fundul mare. Daca mai ajung la Paris, nu ma mai intorc. Nu ma pot multumi cu o saptamana-doua de frumusete si armonie a privelistii, de culoare si de viata, de frig si de caldura, de Sena si de ciocolate calde cu croissante traditionale. Nu-mi ajung luni de zile sa vad Luvru, nu-mi ajung cateva minute s-o contemplu pe Gioconda. Nu e de ajuns o saptamana sa vizitez Montmartre. Nu e de ajuns o zi de cumparaturi la Hale. Nu ma pot incadra in cateva zile de plimbat pe malul Senei pana nu ma mai tin picioarele si pana ma pierd de tot in arondismentele diametral opuse celui in care as sta. Imi trebuie luni, ani, decenii, vieti ca sa pot descoperi Parisul. Si nu imi ajung banii sa stau atat cat as vrea. Cinci vieti de mi-ar fi scris sa traiesc si tot la Paris as vrea sa le petrec. Sa ma plimb zilnic in Jardin du Luxembourg, sa meditez si sa admir culorile vii ale florilor si verdele frapant al pomisorilor, fantanile arteziene din tot orasul, sa le fotografiez si sa ma pozez cu ele, sa stie ca fac parte din minte, din inima mea. Sa urmaresc lumea vorbind franceza stalcita, “de balta” care se vorbeste pe strazile Parisului si prin miile de cafenele la strada din oras, sa “fur” accentul si sa incerc sa ii imit, apoi sa rad de mine in sinea mea. Sa imi imaginez cum ar fi sa ma marit la biserica La Madeleine si sa sarbatoresc acel legamant la al doilea nivel din Tour Eiffel sau la George V. Si sa port o rochie Chanel si bijuterii cu perle. Sa traiesc “un rêve éternel”. Sa aud “Marie la polonaise” in surdina noaptea, iar ziua muzica veche frantuzeasca vesela prin Montmartre, ca in filme. Dar viata bate filmul, ar fi real! Vreau sa ajung sa vad La Defense si sa fotografiez imitatia Arcului de Triumf. Sa fiu medic la Pitié-Salpêtrière si sa vorbesc fluent franceza. Visez…doar visez… inca visez si nu vreau pentru nimic in lume sa ma trezesc decat atunci cand nu va mai fi un vis! Last tango in Paris… Aux, Champs Elysees, La Marseillaise!

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5 days and then months

Posted by zgriptzu on April 9, 2010

… without my best friend. I miss that amazing fruits tea in that amazing colourful box in your kitchen and the “i’ll be there in 10” and the beep before I arrive at the back entrance. it’s just that the last two weeks of hanging out with you almost daily have been veeeeeeeery funny and I love that we are going to do so many things together before you go. the movie with poi and stick and mechanical me. all the songs we never remember to send to each other or we don’t remember their titles or who performs them =)) it’s crazy and it’s beautiful everything we have, all the memories that will never turn forgotten…

how we used to hate and swear each other years ago and since stufstock 5 we’re best friends xD i miss you when you’re gone for 5 days and i wonder how the fuck shall i stand months without you here, “three streets away”, to come over and smoke half a pack of cigars on my bday and gossips we hear about everybody around us and judging people different ways.

chica bomb (in my winamp now – coincidence) on youtube and us drooling when seing the girl on the table and the one in the white long t-shirt and into the fire which seems to be our song and man next door too. omg and i hate your laptop, it’s soooooooooooo difficult for me to type on it on messenger and youtube 😀 those nights lost watching grey’s anatomy that made me want to become a doctor even more than i already wanted… i remember you were online at 5am when i just couldn’t stay awake anymore and i used to make myself a lemon tea to keep me up for the next 3 episodes :)) oh my god, 4 seasons in 3-4 weeks it’s been insane, but so lovely. i remember every detail

bec; rainbow; hahaaaaaa i hate myself for that (keep that in mind); dnb tutorials and you teaching me how to dance on it… u making fun of me for the movies i haven’t seen : )) u read me better than anyone, you knew what was going to happen with me in almost every situation i’ve been through. you knew i couldn’t actually take up fencing again and that i would give it up very soon.. hell yeah =)) you printed my blog and burned the borders of the pages .. ow … and your carpet :”>

i decided to complete the print of my blog with this post. because it’s for you, my best friend i’ve ever had. i have to tell you so many things, even if you’re gone for two days, it’s the third out of 5 i don’t see you.

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what do i have?

Posted by zgriptzu on March 27, 2010

What do I have that separates me from the majority of people? I have JOY and HOPE! I like what I do, I put my soul in everything and I take all the best from what I have. I am happy to be living this moment right here, right now, because it could have been much worse, I don’t blame myself for the things I have not done, I am am joyful and hopeful about the future. I belive I can do everything! It’s just a matter of time… I’d put my hands into the fire for the fact that I will do what I want and I will be able to do it all, no matter the obstacles I have to overdo. I am positive. And that…. That makes me a better person!

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voiam sa scriu un post, dar m-am razgandit.

Posted by zgriptzu on March 15, 2010


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I miss my friend…

Posted by zgriptzu on March 6, 2010

I remember the first time we talked more than “A hot chocolate and a Salitos, please ;;)” and I remember I used to tell you that you always say things that make me think over more… I remember the looks we used to exchange in different situations… I remember how and what you teached me to be and how you were taking back things you have said to me, trying to show me just another angle of judging… I remember how proud I used to be of our relationship… of our friendship, that’s what I considered it to be… I’m looking backwards and noticing how you changed me… I soooo hated myself, but you made me discover myself and made me love myself and made me be proud of what I became. This me is about you. This everything is about you, because without you, this would have never been.

I remember I learnt, in time, your four types of look… one when you are ironical, your eyes smile somehow and their colour turns kind of a green… another one when you don’t like something or when you are nervous, you have the eyes veeery opened and full of life, you can’t focus on anything and your eyes are fully green… you eyeball… another look, when you focus on something and your eyes are of a fresh light blue and you don’t keep them completely opened, you are just in your own world, no one could disturb you easily… and the last of your looks is when you love what you see, when you really like it or you admire what you see, your eyes are of a shiny blue which gives the sensation of plunging into what you see, like you would go sooo deep into it that you could see through it.

When you want to say something, but you cannot find the right words or you are nervous, you strung your lips and touch your chin with your forefinger, under a conspiratorial smile.  You adore testing the limits of one’s capacity, you take every discussion to your extreme. When you like what you are told, you open your nostrils and you spin a lock of hair on your right forefinger. You love to seem careless towards the majority of people you get in touch with. Somewhere deep inside, you really really do not care, but there is a middle layer where you do care.

Arrogance and narcissism are your most powerful characteristics. You love yourself more than anything in the world, you do live only for yourself and everything you do is to make you feel good, you have no interest in making the others accept, like or love you. You do not let anyone and anything affect you in any possible way. If those how talk have no importance to you, they are not involved in any of the processes that take place in you mind, heart, or life, even if you seem to have a minimum of interest in what they say.

You adore joshing the girl you like, but veeeeeery subtle, sometimes you may seem like you don’t see her, when, in fact, you are making up an idea in your mind and you feel devine when she takes a sweet look at you because of any reason. You are horny almost all the time. You could see everything through this part of life. And I also know that green turns you on. You want to seem seem careless to HER, you’ve got that allure of a guy who can get everything he wishes for, but when some girl is so important (even just for a few moments) that overcomes this limit, you become very vulnerable and you feel every single touch, word, meaning, movement, change… just like you would be burned on a windy rainy beach.

I miss you, I miss hanging around with you, I miss you taking photos of every inch that surrounds you, I miss your smile when you were making fun of yourself, of me, of everything, I miss you telling me “Wait until you’re 18”, I miss myself when I used to be near you. I miss my friend in you.

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De azi…

Posted by zgriptzu on March 2, 2010

De azi (1 martie, dar nu am avut cand sa scriu articolul) sunt majora si…

– pot intra la corupere de minori

– pot sa fumez legal si imi pot cumpara tigari de la magazinul din colt dimineata, sa-i dau peste nas idioatei pe care nu o suport ca nu-mi da tigari

– pot sa beau legal, pot sa-mi iau bere pe motoare pe anumite ture, o sa le dau buletinul si o sa vada ca am 18!

– pot sa vizitez diferite site-uri in mod legal

– pot sa raspund in fata legii

– pot sa imi iau alocatia singura

– pot sa intru in sex shop-uri sa iau cadouri dubioase prietenilor, sa ma distrez pe seama lor (watch out)

– pot sa raman in Megadiscoteca Tineretului din Costinesti dupa 1, 2 noaptea (unii stiu la ce ma refer)

– pot sa semnez documente oficiale pe propria mea raspundere

– pot sa plec la petreceri, din tara, din oras, oriunde fara sa le cer voie alor mei (daca am bani)

– pot sa imi iau permisul de conducere (dupa ce fac scoala)

– pot sa imi amanetez chestii cu propriul meu act de identitate

– pot sa intru in cazniouri

– pot sa intru la anumite spectacole in teatre, cinematografe, cafe-uri etc.

– pot sa ma uit pe cartoon network dupa 1 noaptea

– pot sa lucrez legal, fara acordul scris al parintilor

… si lista poate continua la nesfarsit. Dar voi respecta legea, voi fi mai responsabila, voi fi mai matura si mai serioasa, voi invata sa respect lumea din jur chiar mai mult, sunt adulta si trebuie sa fiu constienta. De azi nu ma las de fumat, imi place. De azi voi face multe. Am doar 18 ani, Sunt nebuna, Iubesc si nu am bani!


am doar 18 ani am doar 18 ani

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Posted by zgriptzu on February 28, 2010

Încă umpic și sunt majoră :>

happy happy joy joy!

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Posted by zgriptzu on February 7, 2010

Inca o dimineata cu cerul rosu, parca deasupra norilor ar arde. E ceata si ninge, e viscol. Si parca peste mine plutesc griji, imagini sumbre si scenarii, pe care mi le-ai intiparit in minte fara sa vreau. Ceaiul de lamaie are gust de… praf, atmosfera ma apasa pe crestet, ma tranteste si nu ma lasa sa ma ridic, iar tu… tu nu esti. Nu esti aici. Ma trec fiori cand ma gandesc ce se intampla cu tine.

Demult n-am mai simtit frigul unui 6 dimineata cu cana lipita de obrazul stang si rosul – gri in coltul privirii mele. Simt ca si cum fiecare tasta pe care o apas ma ciupeste de buricele degetelor, vrand sa-mi transmita ceva sau sa-mi linisteasca sentimentul asta puternic ce ma incearca de cateva zeci de ore, sau poate e un semn de la tine pe care-l astept. Un semn anume. Acel semn.

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Voua va pasa?

Posted by zgriptzu on February 4, 2010

Sunt socata. De ani de zile de cand merg cu R.A.T.B. am vazut o gramada de cersetori, vanzatori de tot felul de nimicuri si “colindatori”, chiar si copii trimisi la cersit, murdari si prost imbracati… dar niciodata BATUTI. Eh, mi-a fost dat sa vad si asta si mi-au dat lacrimile. Un baietel de vreo 12 ani sa zic, imbracat cu o pijama veche si murdara de culoare creme la origine, cu niste adidasi maronii plini de noroi si zapada si o soseta de un fel si alta de alt fel… cu arcada dreapta sparta, sange pe fata. Si plangea. Plangea si tremura de frig. Normal, la -1 grad sa mergi pe strada “imbracat” asa… In orice caz, mi-au dat lacrimile, si culmea, ascultam si “Don’t cry” de la Guns ‘n’ roses. In momentul acela mi-am zis ca da, frate, pentru asta chiar merita sa dau la medicina. Sunt atatia medici, atatea organizatii ale medicilor care se ocupa de copiii strazii, de drepturile lor, copii furati de la familii, prinsi in industria traficului de copii in scopul de a cersi si a aduce bani unor “mafioti”, ca nici macar cuvantul “mafiot” nu li se potriveste. Poate animale, dar si alea au un oarecare instinct si conservare si nu sunt chiar atat de insensibile.

Ma gandesc oare cate milioane de copii in situatia asta sunt in lume si nu se poate face nimic. Oare cati copii plang pe strazi, fara un adapost decent deasupra capului? Sau cati orfani sunt rapiti sub forma de “adoptie” din orfelinate, cu care se face trafic de carne vie sau de organe? Si oare cator persoane in lumea asta le pasa si chiar fac ceva pentru a-i ajuta? Oare cati dintre noi lacrimeaza cand vad asemenea cazuri si cati intre noi chiar avem acel impuls de a porni sau a ne implica intr-o actiune de ajutorare? Oare chiar suntem atat de insensibili si de egoisti? Si oare chiar nu exista nicio solutie pentru a le oferi o sansa, o viata, a le reda dreptul la o viata decenta si la o familie? Oare nu exista autoritati care sa isi faca treaba si sa ancheteze astfel de cazuri sau care sa pedepseasca astfel de crime? Pentru ca nu le pot numi altfel. E crima. Ucizi un suflet. Ucizi sanse. Ucizi vise si perspective. Ucizi viitorul unor oameni.

Sunt curioasa, in Romania, textierii de le scriu “placutele” cersetorilor oare cati bani isi iau din a rupe picioare si maini, a invineti si jefui niste fiinte umane? Dar in lume? Sa fie banii cea mai de pret avutie pe care o poate avea un om? Sa fie atatia in stare de asemena fapte pentru niste hartii? Cum pot fi acesti oameni fericiti, fiind inconjurati de umilinta si diverse infractiuni? Unde le e constiinta? Oare ei pot adormi usor noaptea stiind ca in ziua ce tocmai s-a incheiat au castigat de pe urma unor suflete nenorocite? Unde le e omenia? Oare ar deschide ochii daca li s-ar intampla lor ce fac ei sa li se intample altora?

Mie imi pasa. Voua va pasa? Voi ati sari in ajutorul lor, oricat de mult v-ar rani ce se intampla, oricat de greu ar fi sa suporti ideea unei astfel de … “vieti”,  oricat de urat mirositor si dizgratios si murdar si chiar macabru ar fi ceea ce vi se arata? Eu da. Pentru ca nu concep cum atata lipsa de orice forma de educatie, respect si umanitate si compasiune si cum atata sange rece poate construi un … om…

Sper ca ceva din asta va impresioneaza si poate ca veti simti macar acelasi lucru ca si mine … asta inseamna ca noi am putea schimba lumea intr-una mai buna si mai surazatoare!

Nicola – Iarna (Milioane) // \”Nu mai dati banii copiilor strazii\”

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