voluptate, voluptate absoluta

somehow, you have to choose!

Posted by zgriptzu on January 8, 2009

a new year, a new disappointment. it’s amazing how people choose right the opposite “thing” you’d think of. it’s strange how they change their minds so easy. and hell, it’s annoying how the one you considered your best friend for such a long time chooses to be against you. seems like with each year that passes, one more friend becomes an enemy… or just signs off your friends list. ’cause, yeah, i thought you wouldn’t lie to me, i thought you were one of those who would tell me what’s best for me to hear, which, knowing me as you pretend, you would have known it’s the truth!! maybe those years you were “near me” weren’t enough for you to learn that lying to me is what affects me the most (maybe i shouldn’t give you this satisfaction, but i cannot abstain from it). when you know two of your friends (if you ever had the notion of “friend”) are having a conflict, you have two options: stay completely out of it or join it by ONE SIDE! or maybe it’s just my point of view 😕


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