voluptate, voluptate absoluta

finally you have found something perfect(1)

Posted by zgriptzu on January 11, 2009

and this is the way it ends… just like nothing happened, like everything was just a bad joke… something that used to be so sure and so unending… it used to be forever… it used to be just us… and no one else. it used to make me happy…. it used to make you smile… it used to fill up our souls… it used to be. it just used to… or it didn’t… this is the way you ended it… you replaced me… you could’ve told me… it would have been muuuuuuch easier… and muuuuuuch painless… trying to catch me was no good. making me feel guilty was useless. ’cause i’m not. now, you are the guilty one. i’m shivering and i wonder why. i wonder why most of the guys can’t assume the responsability; they can’t show their masculinity by assuming  their deeds. at last, it’s a free world, nobody will ever execute you for something like this.why was i the last to know? and you know what’s the most afflicting? that you belived the gossips and I didn’t. and now, when it’s all over and just because of you, who was in the right position to not trust? me or you? i guess you messed it up this time, when you could’ve had everything you could ever wish for. and i wonder if you will be given the second chance if you will ever ask for it…


One Response to “finally you have found something perfect(1)”

  1. Aly said

    i know how that feels.. :-s 😦

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