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ce que je suis

Posted by zgriptzu on March 28, 2009

After loooooong researches and a lot of trials, finally I have found my favourite song, which is “Ce que je suis” by Holden. I am crazily in love with this song, it intensifies my feelings each time I listen to it, it drives me to another dimension, another space, another time, a perfect globe above the world where everything in the real world can be clearly seen. This song is just PERFECT. I’ve been listening to it daily during the last two months and I couldn’t find anything wrong or idk… inappropriate at it. The lyrics fit, the instrumental is gorgeous, Armelle Pioline (vocal) performs it amazingly!

HOLDEN is a French duo that began recording in 1997, with Armelle Pioline (vocals), Dominique Dépret (aka Mocke, guitar), Pierre-Jean Grapin (drums), Evan Evans (keyboard) and Richard Cousin (bass). Their genre is indie – indie pop and indie rock. They remixed “Requiem for a dream”, also a song that I love.

If interested, visit If you’re only interested in the video of my favourite song, check out Holden – Ce que je suis or



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