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W O M E N guide /men only

Posted by zgriptzu on November 22, 2009

“I’m a woman, I can do everything I want!”

Women can get everything they wish for. Women have everything a guy can ever dream of, it’s just up to the guys to discover the way we want to be treated for giving something. Therefore, if they don’t have what they want from us, it’s their fault! They did not discover the magical way!

You, guys, should only follow the basic steps you were educated with: be respectful, some jokes are just inappropriate when being with a woman you are interested in; feel the passion of every single move, word, look, don’t repress it; offer her attention, it’s probably the most important thing a woman desires – women can interpret that attention in thousands of ways and it’s sure they will find the best way that fits to your feelings. You are evil with yourselves. You don’t actually want to do the mistakes you do, you want to be just as pure as women are, in all sorts of fields, but you are trying to seem as superficial as you can, being afraid of what you really are, because you have never been like you desire to be!! You, guys, don’t really know what that feels like and you are used to being like you are, you indulge in this situation, without analyzing it deeply. This is the real problem, I must say!

Women like crazily in love guys. They are so childish, they cannot hide that inside them anymore because it’s a feeling that beats them and makes them weak. Don’t get me wrong, women don’t like weak men! They don’t really like plasticine men, to do whatever they want with them. No! Women like men to seem weak because this weakness brings up the sincerity!

You, guys, have born perfect, but you have destroyed this feature by the wrong interpretation of women and you have changed, considering them something they are not! This is the problem that lead to this war between men and women! Trying to understand other people around you is a very good thing, but not considering some aspects and the wrong interpretation because you don’t want to give a go to something that might be true, this is bad!

take care-

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