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5 days and then months

Posted by zgriptzu on April 9, 2010

… without my best friend. I miss that amazing fruits tea in that amazing colourful box in your kitchen and the “i’ll be there in 10” and the beep before I arrive at the back entrance. it’s just that the last two weeks of hanging out with you almost daily have been veeeeeeeery funny and I love that we are going to do so many things together before you go. the movie with poi and stick and mechanical me. all the songs we never remember to send to each other or we don’t remember their titles or who performs them =)) it’s crazy and it’s beautiful everything we have, all the memories that will never turn forgotten…

how we used to hate and swear each other years ago and since stufstock 5 we’re best friends xD i miss you when you’re gone for 5 days and i wonder how the fuck shall i stand months without you here, “three streets away”, to come over and smoke half a pack of cigars on my bday and gossips we hear about everybody around us and judging people different ways.

chica bomb (in my winamp now – coincidence) on youtube and us drooling when seing the girl on the table and the one in the white long t-shirt and into the fire which seems to be our song and man next door too. omg and i hate your laptop, it’s soooooooooooo difficult for me to type on it on messenger and youtube 😀 those nights lost watching grey’s anatomy that made me want to become a doctor even more than i already wanted… i remember you were online at 5am when i just couldn’t stay awake anymore and i used to make myself a lemon tea to keep me up for the next 3 episodes :)) oh my god, 4 seasons in 3-4 weeks it’s been insane, but so lovely. i remember every detail

bec; rainbow; hahaaaaaa i hate myself for that (keep that in mind); dnb tutorials and you teaching me how to dance on it… u making fun of me for the movies i haven’t seen : )) u read me better than anyone, you knew what was going to happen with me in almost every situation i’ve been through. you knew i couldn’t actually take up fencing again and that i would give it up very soon.. hell yeah =)) you printed my blog and burned the borders of the pages .. ow … and your carpet :”>

i decided to complete the print of my blog with this post. because it’s for you, my best friend i’ve ever had. i have to tell you so many things, even if you’re gone for two days, it’s the third out of 5 i don’t see you.


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